This first phase is designed for screenwriters, producers and directors who want their project to engage investors, co-producers and allies.

︎︎︎ Brand book
︎︎︎ Dossier
︎︎︎ Teaser
︎︎︎ Communication strategy
︎︎︎ Comercial alliances


(How to get everyone to see the big picture)

  1. We create the identity of the audiovisual project (logo and brand book).
  2. We develop a dossier that presents the project clearly and convincingly.
  3. We make a teaser to get the attention of investors, co-producers and allies.
  4. We design a communication strategy to offer greater visibility of the project, integrating channels such as social networks and media.
  5. We generate commercial alliances to amplify the scope of the project ahead of the premiere.